Types and Features of Party Buses

Many people do not understand the available types of party buses. Indeed, in recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in demand for these amazing and luxurious vehicles. That has caused manufacturers to start expanding on their offering. Moreover, they have also developed new features that are available on these buses.

The Twenty-Passenger Bus

The most frequent type is probably the twenty to twenty-five passenger. This kind of bus can either be a school bus that is converted, or it can be any other type of bus with a good amount of space in it. The process of converting these can be laborious and expensive. However, the result if often worth it. The interior is typically removed including all the seats, Surround Seating is then installed, and interior features such as hardwood floors, a disco ball and in some cases a dance pole is also added.


A Dance Floor

The conversion of theses buses creates a dance floor within the vehicle. That makes it much more attractive to party-goers and especially young people when wanting to go out for a fun night with friends. Many individuals who are going to clubs, especially when going to downtown Toronto, could end up starting the party early by dancing in the bus, while on the way to the club.

The Luxury Limousine Bus

This vehicle is the top class and is considered to be the ultimate in luxury and elegance. The kind of bus that is used here is different than the one above. Here, a coach bus is used, and the interior is completely redesigned with the most luxurious features. Some of these include such things as a minibar, flat screen televisions, a disco ball, surround sound and of course, a dance floor!

luxury bus interior

This type of bus can be more expensive to rent because its costs tend to be higher than the party bus. The interior of these vehicles is entirely different and is much more elegant. Some of them may have a dance pole, and the higher models even have a small bathroom.


The capacity of these limo buses ranges typically anywhere between twenty-five to fifty passengers. Some of the vehicles can carry thirty, thirty-five and forty passengers. The largest limo bus that you can find is the 50-passenger. Our home page contains more information about the latest buses and how many passengers they can carry.


Because these vehicles are so large and can carry many passengers, that makes them ideal for the larger congregations such as proms and weddings. Typically, a large bridal party can fit comfortably, along with the families of both the bride and groom within this bus. Likewise, a prom can cause a large number of students to share a ride together; thus, a whole graduating class can use one of these buses comfortably.



The price of renting a party bus can vary depending on the season, as well as the day of the week. Typically, weekends tend to be more expensive due to the higher demand. Additionally, the summer and spring wedding seasons also tend to be more expensive due to the demand during that time. However, it is possible to get great deals by booking during weekdays or the offseason. Also, for proms, it is common for many students to share a ride together. Therefore, because the price is split among many students, it can be very affordable and cheap to rent.